Ortho Mats

Ortho Mats were created to provide maximum relief to anyone performing a stand-up job task.

Currently Serving:

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Super Markets

Convenience Stores

Why Choose Ortho Mat® Products?

Quick shipping

Lightweight, so it costs less to ship

Custom sizes available for specialized areas

Can be repaired in sections

embroid_Ortho Mat 300Features

Works well in all areas

Closed-cell feature eliminates absorption of liquids & dirt

Very user friendly, lightweight and easy to clean

National Floor Safety Institute approved, non-slip quality tested

Non-allergenic, latex and silicone-free

Ortho Mats with safety bevel allows service carts roll over with ease

Factory-customized shapes and sizes are available


Promotes employee wellness

Increase in productivity & morale due to workplace comfort

Reduction of exposure to prolonged cold, heat and vibration

Reduced spinal compression

Increases circulation

Ergonomic design to reduce back, leg, foot and ankle fatigue

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