Frequently Asked Embroidery Questions

Why is there a set-up fee?

 The art you supply needs to be digitized into stitches. The embroidery machines read only a specialized type of file. The more complex or high density the art the more time it takes to digitize. We do our own in-house digitizing of text 95% of the time to control costs and lead time.  We can get you an estimate, just email us your art.

Is there a set-up fee every time I want embroidery done?

No, we save the digitized art in our computer files to be used again and again. But if you want the size of your embroidery changed by more than +/- 10% it may need to be re-digitized in order to keep the design’s integrity, so there would be another set-up fee. We save all sizes and versions of your art for future use.

Does the number of colors in my design affect the cost?

No, we can work with designs with as many as 12 colors. Also, with embroidery you can change the colors at anytime. Many customers prefer a uniform look of their design, so they keep colors consistent with their brand. Setting up standard colors for light vs. dark garments is very helpful for re-orders.

Can I have only 1 or 2 items done?

Absolutely. We don’t have minimum runs. We do offer discounts for larger quantities of the same design and color.

What is the usual lead time from start to finish?

Generally speaking, 2 weeks or less depending on approval communications. If your design is text only or one we have done it in the past and we have it on file, it can be added right to our schedule. Ask for a due date.

The lead time on garments depends on the manufacturer. We’ve never missed a deadline. If you’re pressed for time to get something done, ask if a rush order is possible.

Do you charge a Rush Fee?

Yes, if it is imperative that you jump to the front of our scheduling line, we charge only a $25 rush fee. This helps us with any overtime costs to make sure all projects are completed on time.

Do you offer free merchandise catalogs?

Yes, we have several vendors to choose from. Ask for a take home catalog.

Is it possible to go over an existing design?

Yes, we can go right over the previous design if the new design is larger. It may be best to remove the old design first, or make a patch or emblem to cover it properly. We can go over options with you upon inspection of the garment or item.

Can you design the logo or art if it is described to you or have a photograph?

No, we are not graphic designers. We can add text or do text only. Rule of thumb; the better the art the better the design embroiders. Email us your computerized design and we can talk to you about options.

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