In Hand vs. Online

Although it seems quite convenient to shop on the internet, there are still somethings that cannot be done online. As of now we do not have the technology to reach through the screen and touch & feel the fabric or texture of items we are looking to buy.

The biggest difference between scrubs, style & brands, is the feel of the material. Its composition just doesn’t give us enough information to know how it will feel against your skin. And the drape, or the way it hangs or moves with you, just can’t be conveyed through even the best photography.

Many scrubs are made of some combination of Cotton, Polyester, Spandex and the occasional dash of Rayon, but the way they are processed or the weight of the fabric can make it feel to the touch totally different. Even when the components are the same percentages.

And what about when the fabric content is not list for your online selection and when it arrives it is 100% Cotton, OH NO IT WILL SHRINK!! Which means you should have ordered a larger size. Sizing is also a big online challenge, as you know every style even within the same brand fit differently.

Answer to all these issues, come in and shop in person at the Bend Scrub Store. Touch & Feel, try on and compare. Find what looks best on YOU.